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Hi, I am Munira,  An Indian artist based in Texas, USA, since the last 11 years. I wear many hats: Artist/ Events Manager/ Mother (blame it on the inherent personality trait to multitask!)


Armed with a formal education in textile designing from the renowned Sophia Polytechnic, in Mumbai India, I followed my creative journey where I discovered love for different mediums of expression. So, I enrolled myself at the Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas, where I delved into painting. Today, the interplay of brush, water colors and mixed media is more than a passion for me. It is my identity. 

DSC_0428 Munira LR.jpg

Behind the strokes..

There is nothing more liberating and gratifying than expressing oneself through art.

I am what I paint.

Thoughts, reflections and moods included.


You will see a kaleidoscope of colors and textures inspired by collective impressions I gather and carry with me; be it a flower, a sunset or a dangling trinket.


The dance of my brush on paper from bold strokes to subtle ones will connect with you. And become yours.


The artist in me wishes to adorn the walls of your homes with my paintings.

To give a voice & expression to your space. To tell a story.

And give you joy.

Like it does to me. 


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